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Three good raisons to choose Tahiti:

- Natural beauty: In the form of a huge circle, the big island of Tahiti Nui is criss-crossed by deep, beautiful valleys and is connected to the equally mountainous little Tahiti Iti by the narrow Taravao isthmus. The mountains of Tahiti offer curious visitors charming walks in natural valley of light and shade in the cathedral of fern trees. You will see impressive waterfalls and discover mysterious grottoes and archaeological sites steeped in legend.

- Surfing: The Tahitian claim that surfing was invented by their Maohi ancestors and the chiefs of Tahiti used to compete with one another on long wooden boards. Surfers come to Tahiti from all around the world to surf the edges of the passes and international surfing champions have found challenging waves offshore Teahupoo at the end of the Tahiti Iti peninsula.

- Cultural heritage: While French Polynesia's capital city is not particulary exciting because of its noticeable traffic jams or of its mismatched styleless architecture, it is nevertheless full of things to see...the "Village des Artisans" in Tipaerui on  the waterfront right next to Cultural house, the Pearl Museum will initiate you to the mysteries of this age old jewel, the Paofai Temple, built for tahiti's Protestants, Polynesia's largest religious denomination ....

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