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Three good raisons to choose Tuamotu Islands
(Rangiroa, Manihi, Tikehau and Fakarava)

- Black pearl farming: Tuamotou - Gambier is the widest of the five French polynesian archipelagoes. When nuclear trials stopped, Tuamotou atolls adapted themselves to rapidly become a major center for local economy with black pearlfarming after tourism.
Luxurious black pearls come at 98% from pearl farms from his magnificent archipelago.

- Deep turquoise lagoons : The first quality of these mythical paradises will remain the purity, depth, and wealth of the surrounding gorgeous deep turquoise lagoons remain the inaccessible dream for tourists, of all much more tha Bora bora could do...

- White sand beaches: As tourism is not yet developed, Tuamotu remain one of the rare places in the world offering hervisitors white sand beaches totally exempt from human activity.- 

Tourist Office
No tourist Office in Tuamotou Islands.