Calendar of Events

February 19-20 Tahiti Marathon and Inline Skate Marathon
February 26 Hinano Cup Va'a
March 5 204th Anniversary of Missionaries' Arrival
March 6-11 Marquesas Inter-island Games on Nuku Hiva
March International Billfishing Tournament, Bora Bora
April 21-22 Kayak Contest
May 5-15 Gotcha Tahiti Pro- Int'l Surf Competition
Jun 20-25 Pro-Am Int'l Golf Open
July Heiva Festival-Culture, arts & crafts, sports and agriculture for all of Tahiti and Her Islands
August 5-6 Te Ora e Te Mana Dance/Historical Festival
September 22-27 World Tourism Day September Raiatea Carnival
October 196 Hawaikinui Va'a Inter-island Outrigger Canoe Race
October 21-28 Tahiti Carnival November Raiatea Quadrathlon
December 4-6 Tiare Days on Tahiti

This calendar lists some of the events scheduled to take place in French Polynesia in 2001.
It is by no means complete and is subject to change.