When to go

The following chart will help you in deciding when to go depending on the activities you are interested in doing once in Tahiti. Remember that the seasons are reversed, the Tahiti islands being in the Southern Hemisphere.

Based on weather: click here

Based on Activities
Scuba Diving Underwater visibility is best during the dry season (May through October)
Snorkel and swimming Between October and June when the temperature of the water is at least 80 degrees
Sailing Balmy trade-winds all year long but most pleasant from May to September
Surfing January through March when the waves are the biggest
Fishing Marlin: All year, maybe better during the Summer

Based on events (complete calendar, click here)
Heiva Festival Largest cultural event of the year: end of June through end of July
Outrigger Canoe Racing Biggest competitions are from May to September
Whale watching Mid july through October - Moorea
Best Sunsets July or August
Flowering flora Springtime: October through December

Based on hi-low season
Highest Tourist Season July and August
School Holidays Fall Break: 2 weeks in mid-October
Christmas: 1 month from mid-December to mid-January
2 weeks beginning of March
1 week beginning of May
Summer Vacation: 7 weeks from early July to end of August